Sian James Holistic

Massage, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage

Sian James Holistic


Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage

Specialising in Complementary Therapies suitable for Oncology 

Lymphoedema Clinic   


Lymphatic Drainage through Reflexology, aiming to reduce swelling and relieve pain and discomfort from lymphoedema.



I offer treatments each designed to give relaxation and a feeling of well-being. Their aim is to leave you feeling revitalised and rejuvenated; your body balanced and invigorated, toxins eliminated.

I bring profoundly relaxing and therapeutic treatments, each tailored for the individual need. Promoting your physical and emotional whole health.

My therapies are aimed at helping stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression, muscular aches and pains, oedema and puffiness. I have therapies that help to detoxify and relax.

Some medical treatments are not suitable for complimentary therapy. Please consult your Doctor if you are not sure.


Massage for aches and pains

I hold an advanced massage qualification plus I have many years experience working along side the Chiropractic profession. Sore neck and shoulder muscles can often be as a direct result of stress or incorrect posture. I can gently ease this discomfort, working deeply within the muscles to reduce muscle tension hoping to bring pain relief.


Complementary Therapy and Stress

Constant worryingPain
Change of eating habitsAnxiety
Smoking/Drinking moreObesity
Loss of concentration/forgetfulnessDigestive problems
Headaches Auto-immune Diseases
Muscle tension and painSleep problems


Massage, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage and Reiki may help to improve quality of life associated with stress and related health problems and symptoms. They bring relaxation and help to release tight, painful muscles. Massage may help improve movement in the joints and enhance circulation, thus improving the activity of the immune system.

A good solution is to find ways of dealing with these stresses via calming mind and body techniques; a helpful tool to improve quality of life living with chronic conditions. Complimentary Therapy may help.

Always seek medical advice if you are worried about your health and to see if massage, reflexology or lymphatic drainage are suitable for you.