Sian James Holistic

Massage, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage

Sian James Holistic

Remedial, Deep Tissue Massage

Remedial Massage Therapy

£30, 45 minutes

£40, 1 hour

Massage delivers a fresh supply of oxygen to your muscles, while eliminating toxin build up, which can then relieve aches and pains. Massage may improve lymphatic drainage, helping your natural defence system to work more efficiently, therefore promoting good health.

Remedial massage is applying deep tissue and advanced massage techniques in order to create the conditions for the body’s return to optimum health after injury. This promotes efficiency in the body’s systems that in turn can enhance the functioning of the whole person.

This massage helps to repair, smooth and strengthen muscle fibres. It reduces inflammation and removes toxin build up, helping to relieve aches and pains. This treatment has a relaxing and de-stressing element incorporated into it to make it a more prfound, holistic experience.

Remedial massage can be useful for strains, sprains, achey muscles and joint stiffness.